Friday, 14 March 2014

Childhood games

El miércoles vimos distintas formas de decir "mancha" y surgió el tema del juego de la mancha. ¿Se acuerdan cómo se decía? Jugar a la mancha es play tag. ¿Y jugar a la rayuela, a las escondidas, al huevo podrido y otros juegos de nuestra infancia? Veamos las definiciones de distintos juegos y ustedes decidan cuál es cuál. (Pongo la respuesta al final de la definición.)

1) Hopscotch: A popular playground game in which players throw a small object into numbered rectangles on the ground and then hop or jump through the spaces to recover the object.

2) Hide-and-seek: A children's game in which a number of players hide and one player has to find them after counting up to a certain number.

3) Dodgeball: A game in which players on two teams try to throw large balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves.

4) Jump rope: One or more people jump over a rope that two other people swing. The rope passes under their feet and over their heads.
(saltar a la soga)

5) Musical chairs: A game typically played at children's birthday parties. A group of children move around a group of outward facing chairs with music on. When the music stops, everybody has to sit, except there will be one less chair than people dancing. Whoever doesn't get to sit is out of the game.
(juego de las sillas)

6) Duck duck goose: Children sit in an inward looking circle. Another child (the picker) goes round the circle touching the children's head and saying "duck", until he or she says "goose". The child who gets to be the "goose" (ganso) has to stand up and chase the "picker" before the picker sits in the child's place in the circle.
(versión anglosajona de nuestro huevo podrido)

Otros juegos son elastic band game (juego del elástico), tic-tac-toe (ta-te-ti), marbles (jugar a la bolita o las canicas), play the bottle (jugar a la botellita), rock-paper-scissors (piedra, papel o tijera) y I spy (veo-veo).

¿Jugaban a estos juegos cuando eran chicos? ¿Jugaban a otros que no se mencionaron? ¿Cuál era su favorito? Pueden dejar sus comentarios en la sección de comentarios. ¡Buen fin de semana!

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