Friday, 12 June 2015

Cut Out

Hoy, empecemos con ejemplos.

1) A: Do you want to be a doctor, like your mom?
    B: No way. I can't see blood. I'm not cut out to be a doctor.

2) A: I need someone to take care of the children during the weekend.
     B: Can't you ask your parents for help?
     A: They are old and out of patience. They're not cut out for the job.

3) A: Hey! Are you still looking for a job? My aunt needs an office clerk.
    B: Oh... Yeah, I'm not cut out for an office job. I like being outdoors and talking to people. Thanks, though!

¿Qué significa to be cut out for something/to do something? Eso, estar, o no, hecho para algo. ¿Conocían esta expresión?

What are you cut out for?

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